What we do

We provide courses in fish health and production to students in the School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences at Murdoch University. We also design and run training courses in Australia and overseas (Fish Health Master Class) and provide a parasite diagnostic service.

We have expertise in fish pathology, parasitology, aquaculture production, genetics and breeding, and environmental management.

If you would like more information on our training or diagnostic services contact Associate Professor Alan Lymbery. We do not run a veterinary clinic, but enquiries on treatment can be directed to Dr Richmond Loh, who runs a private veterinary service (The FishVet).



Murdoch University, South Street campus. Enter Farm Road off Murdoch Drive (last entrance before Farrington Road). We are in the first building on the left as you enter the campus – look for the blue door and sign.

For services on Fish Health, contact

Associate Professor Alan Lymbery


Check out the current research into freshwater mussels in WA (at MusselWatch)



Two new species of parasites described from freshwater fish: Dermoergasilus occidentalis and Pseudocapillaria nannupensis 

Caligus furcisetifer found on Freshwater Sawfish (Pristis microdon) in the Kimberley and north Queensland.

Are more parasites found in healthy river systems?

A host of new parasites found on freshwater fishes in south-western Australia......read more......

A new species of Dermoergasilus (copepod) discovered on freshwater fishes in south-western Australia.

The introduced cestode, Ligula intestinalis causing havoc with native fishes, including the Trout Minnow (Galaxias truttaceus) and the Common Jollytail (Galaxias maculatus).

A new species of Cryptosporidium found in aquarium fish.

Zoonotic Giardia species found in fish for the first time.

Integrating aquaculture and livestock production in saline farmland


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