Our team

Research Leaders: Associate Professor David Morgan and Dr Stephen Beatty
Academics: Associate Professor Alan Lymbery, Dr Susan Kueh and Associate Professor Phil Nicholls
Adjunct Researchers: Dr Michael KlunzingerDr Brendan Ebner, Dr Gavin Partridge, Greg Jenkins and Richmond Loh, Dr Howard Gill
ARC DECRA: Dr Adrian Gleiss
PhD students: Mark AllenBrad Norman, Karrisa Lear, Shuting Pan, Tom Ryan, Le Ma and Mikayla Morine
MPhil students: Erin Kelly
Hounours students: Leah Botton, James Laolada, Gary Ogston
Research staff: Mark Allen, jmailto:j.keleher@murdoch.edu.auJeff Whitty

General enquiries to: fish@murdoch.edu.au

 Current Research Projects


 Previous Research Projects

  • Fishes of the King Edward and Carson Rivers (report and paper) - posters are available
  • Fitzroy River freshwater fishes
  • Feral fishes in Western Australia
  • Marron biology
  • Gilgie biology
  • Yabbies in WA
  • Fishways
  • Dam draindowns
  • Fishes of Lake Kununurra
  • Northern River Shark in the Kimberley
  • Bull Sharks in the Fitzroy River
  • Fortescue River fishes
  • Pilbara fish survey
  • Tilapia in WA
  • Goldfish Control Programme
  • Ellen Brook and Brockman River aquatic fauna
  • Swordtails
  • One-spot Livebearers
  • Salinisation
  • Trout Minnow biology
  • Common Jollytail biology
  • Salamanderfish biology
  • Balston's Pygmy Perch biology
  • Freshwater Cobbler biology
  • Diets of Rainbow Trout
  • Redfin Perch biology
  • Impact of Gambusia on native fishes
  • Hybridisation of terapontids
  • Diets of tropical fishes
  • Environmental of inland saline aquaculture
  • New production technologies for inland saline aquaculture
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