This collaborative project (with the Murdoch Estuarine Research Group, the Department of Fisheries, GeoCatch, Department  of Water, City of Busselton) aims to determine the movement patterns and spatial and temporal distribution of the Black Bream and Sea Mullet within the Vasse Wonnerup system which has been the subject of regular fish kill events.  Using an acoustic tracking approach that the FFGFHU has recently used to successfully track the movement patterns of large feral goldfish in the Vasse River, we will tag and track 30 individual Black Bream and 30 Sea Mullet by engaging the local recreational fishing community in a rod and line capture event. 

The information gathered will be of direct benefit to environmental and fisheries managers in helping in the development of strategies to reduce the frequency and severity of future fish kill events such as more effective operation of the flood gates to facilitate fish passage during key migratory periods. The study is funded by the Western Australian Government through a State NRM Office community grant.