The FFG is undertaking a new study that is examining the conservation status of the unique aestivating freshwater fishes of south-western Australia; the Gondwana relic known as the Salamanderfish (Lepidogalaxiidae salamandroides; the sole member of the Lepidogalaxiidae) and the Black-Stripe Minnow (Galaxiella nigrostriata; one of only three members of Galaxiella). These represent Western Australia's only two aestivating (survive in seasonally inundated systems by burrowing into mud) freshwater fish species.  They are predicted to be severely impacted by ongoing rainfall and groundwater level reductions as their lifecycle directly depends on accessing groundwater during the dry summer months. The study will determine the current distribution and population viability of the Salamanderfish and Black-stripe Minnow, use the data to update their threatened status, and conduct a community education campaign on these and other unique species.

The study is funded by the Western Australian Government through a State NRM Office community grant and is partnered by the Blackwood Basin Group.